Watch live: the film on Maryam, mother of Jesus by Harun YahYa


There are various stories in the Qur’an about the lives of prophets and devout believers for the faithful to adopt as role models. One of those devout individuals whose excellent moral values should be reflected on and taken as a model is Maryam. Maryam is one of the two women believers whom God reveals as an example to all the faithful in the Qur’an.

Sep 29, 2008

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MARYAM  (DOC) 20 KByte
MARYAM  (DIVX) 713,451 KByte
MARYAM  (FLV) 74,641 KByte
MARYAM  (MP4) 101,416 KByte
MARYAM  (WMV) 45,716 KByte

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