Divide and Confound—or Divide and Empower? The Opportunities and Dangers of Strategic PSYOP against the Alawi Rulers of Syria

By Timothy R. Furnish

Mr. Furnish, Ph,D., is the author of Holiest Wars: Islamic Mahdis, their Jihads and Osama bin Laden and The Caliphate: Threat or Opportunity? (forthcoming, 2010). He also maintains a website dedicated to covering Mahdism and Muslim eschatology: mahdiwatch.org. This article was first published in Perspectives: The Journal of the Psychological Operations Association, XX, 2, (2009), pp. 1, 6-19.


The U.S. is already riding herd on a country with questionable territorial integrity next door in Iraq, and several Syrian states would present as big a foreign policy and security headache as a single Alawi-ruled one.

Read full article at:   History News Network


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