Kenya: A fast tour back through 50 years – World News

The history of The Nation is the history of the nation. You can see this in the photographs now on show at the RaMoMa room at Rahimtulla Tower, an exhibition, A Piece of History; you can read it in the new book by Gerry Loughran, The Birth of a Nation: the Story of a Newspaper in Kenya. Both the exhibition and the book are celebrating the newspaper’s 50th anniversary.

The Nation was a most apt title for the paper founded by the Aga Khan and launched back in 1960. When the young leader of the Ismailis first put the idea of starting a newspaper in Kenya to Michael Curtis, once editor of the News Chronicle in England, Curtis was tempted but said that he could not be involved in a paper for the Ismaili community.

‘‘No, no, that’s the last thing I want,’’ the Aga Khan said. ‘‘I want a completely independent paper.’’

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