Social Inclusion in Portugal: AKF Co-hosts Conference on Primary Education

Posted on 27/05/2010

Lisbon, 20th May 2010 – As part of its work in the field of social inclusion, the Aga Khan Foundation, in collaboration with  the Ministry’s Regional Education Authority of Lisbon and Tagus Valley (DRELVT), jointly hosted a conference of education workers aimed at sharing experience and knowledge. The event took place at the Ismaili Centre in Lisbon on Saturday, 22nd May, and involved involve around 250 teachers, parents, local authorities, Curricular Enrichment Activities-related institutions.

Teachers discuss classroom practices and curricular enrichment  activities at the joint conference held by the Aga Khan Foundation and  Portugal`s  Regional Education Authority for Lisbon and Tagus Valley.

“Curricular Enrichment Activities: Which Classroom Practices?” was designed to provide a venue for exchanging experiences for the betterment of the services offered to children and parents within the primary school settings. Learning opportunities provided in curricular enrichment activities, attention paid to children’s innovation and creativity, evaluation, parental and community involvement are amongst the topics that shall be covered and debated.

Curricular enrichment ectivities were implemented in state primary schools in 2006 to create a new concept of “Full Time School”, in order to respond to the parents’ stated need. It encompasses extended school hours for studying English, introduction to Music, Physical Education, Study support and various other activities.

DRELVT is an administrative body of the Ministry of Education which works regionally in supporting the Ministry’s own services, maintaining orienteering, coordination and supporting schools in spreading information to all agents in the education system, as well as sharing some tasks with local authorities.

The Aga Khan Foundation is one of the nine agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), a group of private non-confessional international institutions which operates for the betterment of life conditions and access to opportunities of the populations. AKDN agencies conduct their programmes without regard to faith, origin or gender.

For further information:
Pedro Cunha – Education Coordinator
Aga Khan Foundation Portugal
Rua de São Domingos à Lapa, nº. 58, 1200-836 Lisboa
Tel.: 962061820 /


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