Hamida Madhani: “Mystical Dance”, “Mubarak”, “Essence of Life” and “The Majestic Horse” – Simerg News

Artist: Hamida Madhani
Location: Georgia, USA
Profile: Hamida Madhani is a Georgia based contemporary artist, creative director and designer. Her fascination with art began at a very young age which led her to pursue her education in visual communication and digital art. Her art has been commissioned by collectors internationally and has been exhibited in galleries in the US.


Hamida Madhani

Artist Statement: For me art is the mirror of a culture and its world view. It is not restricted to a particular medium. The focus of my art is to create magnificent and powerful images that express my soul while embodying the essence of my subject, to celebrate the beauty and richness of my cultural heritage and to the promote understanding and tolerance of Islam through the medium of art.

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“The Majestic Horse”     “Mystical Dance”

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From our archive on this artist

USA: Hamida Madhani amazing artist with the heart for humanity

Posted on July 6, 2010 by paderbornersj

Hamida Madhani is a Georgia based digital artist, graphic designer, Arabic calligraphy artist, college educator, and an owner of a web development studio . She has been featured in numerous industry publications and has received awards for her artwork. She has also been active in community service. For the past few years she has donated several of her art pieces to the Aga Khan Foundation Partnership Walk Silent Auction to help raise funds to support communities in some of the poorest areas of Africa and Asia.


Artist Hamida Madhani

Artist Hamida Madhani

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