East Africa’s first public TelePresence suites launched at the Serena Hotels in Keny and Uganda – Press release

East Africa’s First Public TelePresence Suites launched at the Serena Hotels in Kenya and Uganda

Public TelePresence Facilities Now Available in Nairobi and Kampala, Offering a High-Definition Video Communication Tool for Businesses NAIROBI , Kenya, and KAMPALA, Uganda, 31 January 2011:

Serena Hotels, in partnership with Safaricom, the leading provider of converged communication solutions in Kenya and Tata Communications, a leading provider of the new world of communications, have unveiled the first public Cisco TelePresence® suites in Kenya and Uganda. Two of the public TelePresence rooms will be hosted at Serena’s city hotels in Nairobi and Kampala, both of which are members of the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World organization while a third will be at Safaricom’s Michael Joseph Center in Nairobi.

 The new public TelePresence facilities will enable customers in Kenya and Uganda to minimize their travel time and expenses by delivering a live, immersive, face-to-face experience from Nairobi Serena Hotel, Kampala Serena Hotel or the Safaricom offices in Nairobi via the network. Connectivity and management of the Telepresence rooms will be led by Tata Communications, linking Kenya and Uganda to public and private rooms throughout Tata Communications’ network and partner networks. The network, which spans 32 locations across five continents, makes Telepresence a truly global collaboration tool. TelePresence allows users to enjoy real-time communication and to collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners, even if they are in a different city. A TelePresence meeting is as simple as making a phone call. Participants sit down at the conference table in one of the TelePresence rooms and connect to the other participants with a simple answer of a phone call. Individuals automatically appear on the screen, irrespective of where in the world they may be sitting. The set up of the rooms allows for participants to feel as if they are sitting across a table, in a life size, meeting room. Highlights / Key Facts:

  • This launch marks a new collaboration between Serena Hotels, Safaricom and Tata Communications.
  •  Customers will be able to purchase meeting slots at the two Serena City hotels or in the Safaricom TelePresence rooms, in advance, on an hourly or daily basis through Tata Communications’ interactive, 24×7 online booking system.
  • The rooms are installed with a Cisco TelePresence System 3010, which allows up to six people to connect simultaneously across a maximum of 48 locations. It comprises three 65-inch plasma screens and a specially designed physical table that sits six participants on each side of the virtual table. It also features an additional LCD display for sharing rich media content and other data using simple auto-collaborate functionality as well as integrated cameras, lights and microphones so that speakers use less power.
  • The ‘real life’ meeting experience provided by Cisco TelePresence is delivered through ultra-high-resolution video that reveals subtle facial expressions conveying nonverbal reactions. Spatial audio allows the transmission of every nuance of the conversation and participants to interact as they would in person.
  • The Safaricom public TelePresence solution will help save time and costs as well as boost productivity by reducing or eliminating the need to travel, thereby facilitating a ‘greener’ environment by reducing the carbon footprint. It will also offer increased flexibility to Safaricom customers in East Africa who will be able to conduct business meetings or sensitive negotiations like job interviews; collaborate with remote customers, partners or suppliers; orchestrate training for employees or manage remote employees; conduct focus groups and market research; and facilitate ‘face-to-face’ collaboration between industry or academic colleagues on research projects between locations around the world.
  • The public TelePresence suites in Nairobi and Kampala will be connected to a number of other rooms around the globe through Tata Communications’ Global Meeting Exchange. The Exchange enables business-to-business meetings between any public rooms or customer-owned private rooms on Tata Communications’ services, as well as rooms on the networks of Tata Communications’ Inter-Exchange partners, BT and Telefonica, and the National Lambda Rail network, which links leading U.S. universities. This network reach makes TelePresence a truly global collaboration tool, giving East Africa a whole new way to engage in the world economy.
  • Copy Cat Ltd has partnered with Safaricom and Cisco in to deliver TelePresence solutions for East African customers. Copy Cat has been a Cisco Partner since 1996 and is currently Gold certified. Cisco also recognizes Copy Cat as an Advanced Technology Partner for delivery of TelePresence solutions.
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