Exchange of Letters Between Sultan Malik Shah and Hasan-i-Sabbah – By Ali Mohammad Rajput


By Ali Mohammad Rajput

Persian text of the letters exchanged between Sultan Malik Shah and dai Hasan-i-Sabbah in a 1962 work. Link to PDF file provided below. Photo: A.M. Rajput archives

Introduction: It is reported that an exchange of letters took place between the Seljuk Sultan, Malik Shah, who ruled from 1072-1092, and Hasan-i-Sabbah.  The texts of these letters, in slightly variant forms, were published by Mehmed Serefuddin (Yaltkaya) in Darulfumun Ilahiyat Fukultesi Mecmuast (Istanbul), vii/4 (1926), 38-44, and again independently, by Nasrullah Falsafi in Ittila at-i-Mahana (Tehran) 3/27 (1950), pp. 12-16 (reprinted in idem, Falsafi Hasht Maqala, (Tehran), 1963, pp. 415-25) edited from two anonymous Mss. (of majmu’ah):  (1)  Collection of Mahdi Bayani and (2)  Collection of Mu’ayyad Sabiti.  Translations Arabic, Falsafi, in Arba rasail  tarikhiyah (Lebanon University) 1965, pp.  270-302.


Reply of Hasan-i-Sabbah to Sultan Malik Shah Suljuki’s Letter

When the chief minister (Sadar-i-Kabir) Zia-ud-di`n Khakan arrived here and delivered the Sultan’s letter, I welcomed him and was greatly honoured by the Sultan’s favours. Since the Sultan has so graciously remembered me I feel greatly flattered and uplifted.(…)

“I have some formidable enemies in the court of the Sultan who never desist from their attempts to make truth appear false and falsity appear as truth, and have frequently been successful in achieving their objectives” –  Hasan-i-Sabbah

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