Joint Israeli-Palestinian Poll – Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

April 5, 2011

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The view on the peace process remains marked by pessimism on both sides. This is also reflected in the views of Israelis and Palestinians regarding a quick solution of the conflict in light of the uprising in Egypt.


The joint Israeli-Palestinian poll of March 2011 was focused on the impact of the demonstrations in the Arab world and there influence on possible protests in the West Bank and Gaza. Another topic was the possible creation of a Palestinian state.

Main results

There is a general feeling of pessimism on both the Palestinian and the Israeli side. However, this impression has weakened compared with the last poll in December. Both sides are still skeptical regarding an imminent formation of a Palestinian state. On both sides, the number of people who do not believe in the formation of a Palestinian state in the next five years dropped. For comparison, in December 31% of the Israelis and 32.9% of the Palestinians believed this. Now the same is true only for 28.8% of the Israelis and 28.8% of the Palestinians. On the other side, about 55% of the Israelis consider the likelihood of a final status agreement with the Palestinians as non-existent.

There is another issue that unites both sides. The terror attack in Itamar, which led to the death of five Israeli settlers, is rejected by the vast majority of Palestinians (63%). On the Israeli side, the rejection of settler violence against Palestinians is even greater. 70.8 percent of the Israeli Jews are against such attacks.

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