The Nuclear Power Endgame Begins in Germany – By R. Andreas Kraemer at Atlantic Community Org

R. Andreas Kraemer:Economics, risk assessments and public pressure force many countries to halt nuclear power and shift to green energy. Without a “civilian” use of nuclear technology, a repeal of the Euratom Treaty, and reform of the IAEA and the NPT can be envisioned.Germany may well be regarded as the nation where the endgame of nuclear power began. The conservative and pro-business German government proposed a law to switch off all nuclear power plants by the end of 2022. Polls indicate that 85 percent of Germans want nuclear power to be phased out within a decade. A clear technical and economic vision of a clean energy future, and a renewed determination for rational energy policies, fuel this demand.


Where would the United States be today if, 20 years ago, influential Republicans with small hydropower dams in the Rockies had a federal law that required utilities to buy hydroelectric power at predictable rates and to guarantee priority access to the power grid? The 1990 German Power Feed-in Law (Stromeinspeisegesetz) does just that. It has accelerated the shift to green energy in Germany.

Conservative forecasts suggest Germany will achieve 35 percent renewable power in its energy mix by 2020, 50 percent by 2030, and 80 percent by 2050.

Read complete at Atlantic Community org


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