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London, 9th June 2011: Her Highness Sheikha Mozah of Qatar and British Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey, were guests of honour at the launch of an eye-opening new exhibition at The Royal Society in London today. Arabick Roots is a new display highlighting surprising connections between the scientific pioneers of Muslim Civilisation and seventeenth century Britain’s greatest scholars and scientists.

The exhibition displays rare books, scientific instruments and correspondence, showing how science and culture from the Muslim Civilisation influenced and inspired key figures such as Edmund Halley and Robert Boyle. Early Fellows of the Royal Society eagerly pursued works in Arabic and Persian as well as communicating with their intellectual contemporaries in the Arabic-speaking world. At a time when international collaboration is increasingly important to the advancement of science, Arabick Roots reveals the rich and often surprising history of scientific communication between two very different cultures.

Prof. Salim Al-Hassani (Chairman of FSTC and 1001 Inventions – pictured left) and Dr. Rim Turkmani (Curator and FSTC Fellow – pictured right) present a signed copy of the 1001 Inventions book to Sir Paul Nurse (President of the Royal Society – centre).

Speaking at the launch event, Her Highness Sheikha Mozah said: “Today we open an exhibition about science in the Islamic world from centuries ago. However, we have a desperate need to repeat history. Only through beautiful minds, like the ones that we can see on display here today, can we achieve that. Collaboration between East and West is the key to repeating that history.”

Read and view more at 1001 Inventions com

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