Corporate Social Responsibilities:They don’t need Sympathies, They need opportunities. (Jehan Ara) – NOWPDP Org Press Release

If every single company could hire a single special person, then we would flourish. Humaira Bukhari, Kabir Farooqui, Shariq Kareem, Sajid Kadri.

Corporate Social Responsibilities - CATCOS Press Release

While speaking to the certificate distribution ceremony for the trainings given to visually impaired and special people organized by CATCOS Pvt Ltd, under the activity of “Corporate Social Responsibility”, Jehan Ara (President P@SHA) focused on the finding opportunities for these people. She said that we are already aware of this issue but we don’t pay interest to solve this. We always give them charity and sympathy but when it comes to give jobs we tend to shy away. We can certainly find a lot of opportunities for these people in IT Sector. Not only in Call Centers but we can utilize their services according to the enhanced skills-set.

Kabir Farooqui, Regional Manager South, Pakistan Software Export Board agreed to the fact that there are not many opportunities for these people. He suggested that if P@SHA, PSEB, ITES and NGOs like Now PDP combine their efforts then we could give them a platform to earn their livings.

Humaira Bukhari, Manager Program of NOWPDP requested the IT industry to hire at least one person in their company. If other companies like CATCOS would steps forward to train the special people, we could help those finding jobs in different sectors.

Shariq Kareem, GM Operations KESC 118 encouraged the role of such trainings and would like to employee these valuable Human resources.

Sajid Kadri, CEO Catcos Pvt Ltd thanked P@SHA and PSEB, GM Customer Services -118 Operations and all the team members for their presence and support. He said the reason behind giving free of cost Customer Services Training to these individuals is to make them marketable. He mentioned creating a special section related to Jobs for these and other “special individuals” through CATCOS’ job portal ( He requested the audience to don’t call these people deaf & dumb or disable instead call them someone who are special. We all are disabled in some areas of work. The reason behind gathering the audience here is to bring awareness of such training and to dig more job opportunities in the special category.

Corporate Social Responsibilities - CATCOS Press Release


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