"Giving it back, passing it on" – Remarks by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at Youth side event

New York, 27 July 2011 – Secretary-General’s remarks at high-level meeting on youth side event: “Giving it back, passing it on”: Corporate Engagement and Youth Philanthropy as Pathways to Development

Thank you, Mr. Sean Koh, [Founder and CEO, Koherent Inc.], for your very kind introduction. It is very inspiring, what you have been saying. That is exactly what the United Nations is trying to achieve. Mr. John Kluge, philanthropist and entrepreneur; Ms. Reeta Roy, President and CEO of MasterCard Foundation; Ms. Monique Coleman, UN Youth Champion; Colleagues;

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning, and thank you for joining us today. I am very impressed by being here with such a distinguished group of young leaders. From your eyes, and from your faces, I think I am seeing a much, much brighter future for our world of tomorrow. I believe you will soon be standing, or sitting, on this podium and in many important positions of our community to lead this world.

I may be one of the leaders of today, but I am sure that tomorrow will be much better taken care of by your vision and by your leadership. This is exactly what we are aiming for today by getting together. Thank you very much.

You all know Ted Turner, I am sure. Fourteen years ago, he gave, without any conditions, $1 billion to the United Nations, to support UN causes.

In making this historic pledge, Mr. Turner encouraged others to follow suit. He personified a new spirit of philanthropy aimed at creating a better world.

It is a noble tradition, begun by Rockefellers, Carnegies, Fords and Nobels and carried on today by the likes of the Aga Khan Foundation, well-known in Africa and Asia for its humanitarian assistance.

In India, where the Bharti Foundation helps poor rural children – especially girls – to receive a quality education.

In China, where Li Ka-shing has pledged to donate one-third of his considerable fortune to philanthropic projects around the world. (…)

Read more at UN Org


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