“Why I am Excited About the Aga Khan Museum, the Ismaili Centre and Their Park” – Winning Essays at Simerg Com

A Note from the Publisher/Editor: We offer our congratulations to Emmanuel Iduma of Nigeria and Zohra Nizamdin of the USA on winning their respective categories for the essay, “Why I am Excited About the Aga Khan Museum, the Ismaili Centre and Their Park.” We received a total of twenty entries for this topic.

The winners will receive the prizes as outlined in the essay competition announcement, 2011 Simerg Essay Writing Contest – $1000.00 in Cash Prizes. Essay(s) from both categories that ranked close to the two winning essays may be published on this Website in future at the editor’s discretion, with the writer(s) receiving complimentary prizes as noted in the announcement. General remarks from the editor and judges, if received, will be published after the winners of  the short essay “Why I Like this Photo” have been announced later this month. We thank everyone who participated in this competition as well as the judges for dedicating their valuable time towards this important initiative. It is hoped that the Al-Mahdiya contest (named after the first Fatimid Capital in North Africa) will become an annual event and that participation will increase over time, ranking the contest as among one of the most exciting and formidable essay competitions in the world.


Please click links below to read the winning essays







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