‘Proofs of Islam’ – By Abu Bakr Siraj Ad-Din (1909-2005), also known as Martin Lings at Simerg com

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By proof, I do not mean logical proof, but a fact which establishes a state of certainty in the soul. The facts which will be mentioned here may not all have occurred to everyone who is present as proofs of Islam. But they are all known, I think, to each one of you. Nonetheless, repetition of a known fact is justified, if it can lead to a deepening of knowledge; and it is sometimes good, as it were, to take stock of our treasures, to count up some of our reasons for saying al-Hamdu li ‘Llah.

God never sends a new religion without proofs that it comes from Him; and a man has a right to these proofs, since without them he would have every excuse for following a false religion. In the modern world, false religions flourish largely because people today are increasingly subjective. When faced with something that claims to be a new form of worship they ask themselves: `Does this suit my personality?’ If the answer is yes, they are in danger of accepting it. Our ancestors were much more objective. Their attitude was: ‘Does this message come from God? If so, I will adapt my personality to it’.

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