You Tube Video: University of Toronto Student Lecture on Shia Ismaili Islam by Khalil Andani

On Wednesday, November 2, 2011, Khalil Andani delivered a Student Lecture on the topic of “Shi’a Isma’ili Islam” at the University of Toronto at the invitation of the Professor of the NMC 283 course on Islam.

The lecture covered the following points:
1. Isma’ili Muslims within the Muslim Ummah
2. Historical Snapshot of the Isma’ili Imamat
3. Isma’ili Da’wah and Esoteric Interpretation
4. The Imamah and the Role of the Imam
5. The Concept of Tariqah in Islam





One Comment Add yours

  1. Nassir Badrudin says:

    Could not watch it……..private… I do not have a password….how do I get one.


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