Russia to Malasia: ‘The New Straits Times’ article on Aga Khan Museum collection exhibition at State Hermitage in St Petersburg


ART & ABOUT: The many faces of Islamic architecture


LINKS between Malaysia and Russia have always been limited.

Iiiustrated manuscript from Anwar-i Suhayli

Iiiustrated manuscript from Anwar-i Suhayli,Iran, 1593

In the cultural arena, the connections are virtually non-existent. Celebrity associations are more of a magnet than most. I remember when ex-President Gorbachev’s nephew put on an exhibition at what was then the Regent Hotel, some local interest was aroused.

Also, when a distant relative of the Imperial jeweller and egg maker Peter Carl Faberge was located, he was introduced to KL society in an attempt to re-launch the family dynasty with a less restrictive clientele than the Imperial Russian court.

Now there is a third link: an exhibition starting next month in St Petersburg will be travelling to Malaysia next year. To complicate matters, the show actually originates in a different northern winter wonderland. That old favourite of mine, the Aga Khan Museum, may not exist yet in its new Toronto setting, but it is certainly making its presence felt in other locations.

Read complete article at ‘The New Straits Times’ Malasia


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