2 minority groups, different fortunes – By Edward Indakwa at The Standard Media Kenya News

I know. We tend to forget that Kenyan Indians are a marginalised group because they drive cars and live in Nairobi. But they are. Shunted out of politics and the civil service, they have somehow thrived and today command large chunks of the finance, manufacturing, tourism, commerce and IT sectors — without a member of their community showing the least interest in Parliament or State House (Kisumu Town MP Shakil Shabir is a Luo).
But back to those six lads: It might shock the Ministry of Education that some of Kenya’s finest minds don’t graduate from the national schools that tribes are fighting over.
They are nurtured in the Aga Khan Academies, the Visa Oshwals and the Braeburns of this world — schools where education is not only of world class standard, but tailored for the international job market as well.
Yet if we harnessed these young MIT-trained Kenyan Indians, maybe they would turn Kenya into a communication and technology giant and save their fellow minority tribes like the El Molo from extinction. Who knows? (…)


Read full article at The Standard Media Kenya

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