Project Appraisal by Dr Ralph Huenemann (2 – 13 July 2012) – University of central asia

TRAINING & COURSES  |  02 July 2012

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Trainer: Dr. Ralph Huenemann (University of Victoria, Canada)
Deadline: 01 May 2012

The University of Central Asia’s School of Professional and Continuing Education. Khorog is organizing a summer course on “Project Appraisal” by Dr Ralph Huenemann (University of Victoria, Canada) from 2 – 13 July 2012 in Khorog, Tajikistan.

This Project Appraisal (PA) course focuses on practical training in public project appraisal – which is partly an art and partly a science. There are some similarities between public project appraisal and making investment decisions in private business but also some important differences. We will examine both the pure public situation and the blended public-private situation (often referred to as Public-Private Partnership or PPP). Proper decision-making can be summarized in five key steps (all steps will be explored in the PA course):

• Investigate: gather necessary information
• Identify Choices: especially, exploring innovative possibilities
• Decide: using technical tools such as multi-criteria decision analysis (benefit-cost analysis) effectively
• Implement: follow up with effective supervision
• Evaluate: learn from both successes and failures

For more information on the course, please see pdf attached or contact:
SPCE Khorog
126 Lenin Street, Khorog, GBAO,
736000, Republic of Tajikistan
Tel.: +992 (3522) 22 277
Fax: +992 (3522) 22 778

Source: UCA Org



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