Cairo’s Al-Azhar Park – By Idris Tawfiq at The Egyptian Gazette

It is really difficult to say whether it’s better to visit during the day or in the evening. Both have their attractions. In the day, the panoramic views of the surrounding area are truly splendid.

Al-Azhar Park

In fact, the view of the Citadel from the promenade is perhaps one of the finest views anywhere in Cairo. In the evening, it is just such a romantic place to be, with music gently wafting through the air via discreetly placed loudspeakers, and a kinder climate helping visitors to enjoy the experience.

   Whether you visit in the day or when it is dark, there is no doubt that a trip to Al-Azhar Park is one of the best visits you can make in Cairo. It is without doubt one of the best kept places, the cleanest and the most beautiful in the whole of Egypt.


One of the most interesting features in the Park, and one which never fails to delight visitors, is the set of fountains just inside from the Main Entrance, which shoot directly from out of the ground and catch people out as they try to pass through them.

Muslims read in the holy Qur’an in Surat Sad:

   Gardens of Eternity, whose doors will (ever) be open to them;

   Therein will they recline (at ease); therein can they call (at pleasure)

   For fruit in abundance, and (delicious) drink…..

   Holy Qur’an 38:50-51

Read full article in The Egyptian Gazette

Wikipedia on Al-Azhar Park

Al-Azhar Park, Created by Aga Khan Trust for Culture is listed as one of the world’s sixty great public spaces by the Project for Public Spaces – Wikipedia article


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