Crossing The E-lection Bridge Africa – Towards New Horizons In The Region – Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung News story

CDU General Manager Dr. Klaus Schüler praises KAS Media Africa initiative as “the way to go”

The driver slowly maneuvers the bus full of E-lection Bridge Africa participants over the dirt road to the backstage area. On an open-air ground in Tanzania’s capital, Dar es Salaam, the opposition party CHADEMA has called a mass rally. Around 20,000 enthusiastic supporters followed the call. They fill the barren area with life. “People’s – Power!” the crowd chants, CHADEMA’s acoustic trademark.

Dr. Slaa speaking

Chadema’s SG Dr. Willibrod Slaa gave a detailed account of the party’s rise in Tanzanian politics

“Impressive! This is political communication experienced first-hand,” praises CDU General Manager Dr. Klaus Schüler amidst the mass of blue-white-red party flags.

The practical aspect of the workshop is a top priority for the African and German campaigners. “We want to promote a regional exchange beyond national borders,” says Markus Brauckmann, Director of KAS Media Africa and founder of the E-lection Bridge Africa. Last year the target group of political communicators met for the first time at the opening conference in Accra, Ghana. Further bilateral and regional events followed at regular intervals, under the banner of the successfully established umbrella brand, The Bridge.


“It was a pleasure having the E-lection Bridge as our guest in Tanzania. For our partner CHADEMA the two-way street of experience with the regional colleagues was a real benefit,” said Stefan Reith, Country Representative of KAS Tanzania. Dr. Schüler observed: “The E-lection Bridge is a success which must definitely be continued.” Markus Brauckmann, Director of KAS Media Africa, also came to a positive conclusion. The E-lection Bridge Africa has become one of the central pillars of the foundation’s regional media programme: “We want to continue further along this path.”

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