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Pamir has a special position. It’s the most high-altitude region not only of Tajikistan but of all the former Soviet Union. Its Gorno-Badakhshanskaya autonomous region occupies almost a half of all the country but its population is only 3% from all the republic’s one. Local citizens are officially considered to be Tajiks but in fact they are a group of peoples with their own languages, culture and even religion.

Khorog is bordering Afghanistan. The town is inhabited by representatives of all Pamir peoples. There are some universities here. Locals like to study, it’s a part of their religion. Though the local young people prefer English today, they are good at Russian too.

Tourists like this place, there are many hotels and guest houses in the area.

khorog001 10 So Different Tajikistan

View of the town

khorog001 25 So Different Tajikistan

Houses are mostly private ones, with one storey. Most of them are built according to the traditional Pamir plan. Usually such houses have one spacious square room and a long corridor with some annexes. The roof is supported by five pillars.

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