Syria: In Rubble of Homs, Musicians Lift Spirits With More Than Tunes — Al Monitor com

Demonstrators raise their hands and hold a Syrian opposition flag during a protest against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in Houla near Homs August 10, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Shaam News Network ) 

By: Mohtasem Diri posted on Thursday, Aug 16, 2012

Homs, which has suffered more than any other city during the course of the Syrian revolution, presented its residents with even more of its greatness, including a true revolutionary culture. As death enveloped the city, the band “Freedom Generation” emerged.

The band is composed of 23 young men in their 20s from various parts of Homs, whose goals are made clear in one of their songs: “Freedom is our main demand, unwavering freedom throughout the land.”

Field activism, and cultural activism too

They set about the city with their songs, organizing street activities, writing banners and creating graphics. They keep demonstrators in line, enthusing them through songs of their own creation. But the band’s activities do not stop there, for its members have also sought to politically educate the city’s residents, even teaching them about proper emergency procedures.

Band member Ahmad explained its goal as “to make the world see, and make the regime’s leaders realize, that we are not ignorant and we know what we want. They try to portray us as ignorant, but all we lack as Syrians is freedom and dignity. We are also aware of all the conspiracies being woven against the revolution, and are aware of the plots being concocted in the corridors of Syrian and world intelligence agencies against the Syrian people, their revolution and the Arab Spring as a whole.”

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