Eboo Patel: Religious Pluralism in a Democracy – Interfaith Youth Core’s Videos (play list) and more

 YouTube play list on Eboo Patel – Speeches at Interfaith Youth Core

About Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC)

The big idea for IFYC came to our leading founder Eboo Patel in 1998 when he was at an interfaith conference at Stanford University. He and a small group of his peers realized they were the only young people at the conference, and they started asking each other two questions.

Why do so many stories about religion these days feature young people fighting in the name of God? Why isn’t there a huge movement of young people from different faiths working together to apply the core value of all faiths – service to others? The answer came to them in a moment of inspiration: build an interfaith youth movement using service as the bridge.

As a graduate student at Oxford University, Eboo helped organize interfaith youth service projects in South Africa, India, and Sri Lanka. He returned to Chicago in 2001 and worked to launch the idea in the US with a focus on student leaders and college campuses. IFYC was incorporated in 2002 with a $35,000 grant from the Ford Foundation and one staff person. Our organization has outgrown a few offices since then, but our goal is the same.

About the Movement

From now on, the great religions of the world will no longer declare war on each other, but on the giant ills that afflict [humankind]. – Charles Bonney, 1893 Parliament of the World’s Religions

When forces of intolerance emerged in the past, young people led the forces of inclusion. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was 26 when he organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and Gandhi was even younger when he began working for peace in India. Headlines tell the story of religious bigotry and conflict – but we know there’s another way.

What if people of all faiths and traditions worked together to promote the common good for all? What if once again, young people led the way? Across the country, Muslims and Hindus, Jews and Christians, Buddhists and non-religious, are coming together in a movement of interfaith cooperation. They are proving that the 21st century can be defined by cooperation between diverse communities instead of conflict. Read more. Get involved. Let’s prove we are better together.

A Better Way to Talk About Faith

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“MLK was a religious visionary, too”

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“Eboo Patel on promoting religious plurality in America”

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Read more and watch videos on http://www.ifyc.org/


Interfaith Youth Core – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) is a Chicago-based non-profit founded in 2002 by Eboo Patel.[1] The organization’s stated mission is to make interfaith cooperation a social norm.[2] Today it operates with approximately 30 full-time staff and a $4 million budget. It has worked on five continents and with over 200 college campuses domestically.[3]


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