Mughal architecture up close – Indian Express com article written by the students of school Hillwoods Academy

Our school Hillwoods Academy organised a trip to Rahim Khan-i-Khana’s Tomb in Nizamuddin on Mathura Road, New Delhi. It was built by Abdul Rahim, who was the son of Barium Khan. This tomb was built after the death of his wife in 1598 and Rahim was buried there in 1627.

Mirza Abdul Rahim was born in Lahore in 1556. Popularly known as Rahim, he was one of the navratnas in the court of Akbar. He was a learned man with great command over Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi and Sanskrit. He was famous for his couplets . Akbar made him commander of 5,000 soldiers. His two sons were hanged at Khooni Darwaza because Rahim was not in favour of Jehagir’s accession after Akbar’s death.

Gauri Sharma, VIII-C

Our school Hillwoods Academy, Preet Vihar and The Indian Express organised a heritage walk to Khan-i-Khana Tomb, Nizamuddin on December 12, 2012. The visit to the tomb was an unforgettable experience. The walk helped students understand the importance of preserving monuments and informed us about the history of such an old monument. The place is still well-maintained. The credit goes to ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) and Aga Khan Foundation Trust. This beautiful monument was built by Mirza Abdur Rahim Khan for his wife in 1598.

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