Shari’a and Human Rights in the Constitutions of Arab Democracies – discussion on Reset doc org

Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations has hosted a face-to face debate between Tariq Ramadan and Abdullahi An-Na’im, two of the best known contemporary Muslim intellectuals and reformists, asking them to discuss Shari’a and whether or not it should play a role in new Arab democracies, and if so, what role. Both thinkers expressed the hope that democracy will be fully achieved in the Arab world with constitutional systems guaranteeing the equality of all citizens also respecting human rights and pluralism. Ramadan, however, believes a mention of Shari’a should be included in Arab constitutions in order to provide Arab democracies with “internal” support from Islamic culture and religion, while according to An-Na’im the religious and political spheres must remain separate so as to guarantee the laicity of the state. Watch the whole interview by Nina zu Fürstenberg



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