Badakhshon pt. 1: Arriving in Khorog — Dushanbe ChroniclesBlog spot de

Khorog has been sitting on a high pedestal in my mind since I applied to be a Fulbright ETA back in August 2012.

It was first described to me when I was 15 or 16 years old and traveling through Northern Pakistan as a city nestled between some of the worlds highest mountains, which had beautiful dancing, a 99% Ismaili Muslim population, and a strange customary drink called “sheer-choi” that involved milk tea with butter and salt.

Rain clouds encroaching as we left.

In fact, I knew about Khorog before I knew about Tajikistan.   Originally, I thought I would be spending more time in Khorog during this grant than I actually did.  As I mentioned in a post back in September, political and personal reasons kept me in Dushanbe. However this past week I finally traveled to the eastern, mountainous, semi-autonomous region of Badakhshon, the capital city of which is Khorog.  Given its minority religious background, its unique political and cultural history, the fact that I was traveling with two PhD-experts (one Persian studies and another post-Soviet studies), and finally, given the extremely short time we had to see everything…my mind is exploding with significant things to mention now.


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