Video: Prince Amyn speaks in honour of Professor Charles Correa at the Ismaili Centre, London — The Ismaili org

Professor Charles Correa addresses the audience at a gathering held at the Ismaili Centre, London in his honour. Photo: Al-Nur Sunderji

The Ismaili org

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London, 16 May 2013 — At a special event held at the Ismaili Centre, Prince Amyn spoke in honour of the illustrious career of Professor Charles Correa, the globally acclaimed architect and planner, and acknowledged his long-standing partnership with the AKDN.

“Charles Correa is a major figure in contemporary architecture and urban planning, who has played a pivotal role in the creation of architecture in post-independence India,” said Prince Amyn to an audience that included guests from the fields of architecture, contemporary design and urban planning. “Through all these years, he has maintained his intellectual and moral commitment to the plight of the less favoured, and more generally, to the peoples of the developing world.”

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