Listen Audio on History of Philosophy Net: Farhad Daftary on the Ismā’īlīs

Peter is joined by Farhad Daftary, a leading expert on the Shiite group known as the Ismā’īlīs.

Press ‘play’ to hear the podcast:

audio/mpeg iconRight click and ‘save’ to download as MP3

Further Reading:

• F. Daftary, The Ismailis: Their History and Doctrines (Cambridge: 1990).

• F. Daftary, The Assassin Legends: Myths of the Ismailis (London: 1994).

• F. Daftary, Mediaeval Ismaili History and Thought (Cambridge: 1996)

• F. Daftary, A Short History of the Ismailis (Edinburgh: 1998).

• F. Daftary, Intellectual Traditions in Islam (London: 2000).

• F. Daftary, Ismaili Literature (London: 2004).

• F. Daftary, A Modern History of the Ismailis: Continuity and Change in a Muslim Community (London: 2011).

Ismaili Institute website

Source: History of Philosophy Net


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