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On our first day in Delhi, we visited the American Center of the U.S. Embassy to speak to a representative of the embassy and a representative of the USAID. As international travelers and with many political science students in our group, this was one of the most interesting talks we’ve had. We discussed current projects, job and internship opportunities, and the not-so-regular day in the life of U.S. governmental work in India.


HelpAge India was the next NGO we ventured to. HelpAge India is an organization that works to improve the lives of the elderly in health, emergencies, shelter and social equity when they might not have another source of support from their families or their community. This was a very interesting organization to visit because it seems like the mentality of getting older is very different in India than it is in America. More and more, Indians aren’t respecting their elders as much as has been tradition in the past. Certain services that are options in America aren’t thought of as frequently in India.


Aga Khan Foundation is an NGO that works with urban poor and people in the slums to improve their lives through engaging in their community, joining self-help groups, teaching English to children and relocating families when their homes become no longer sustainable. To the left is a photo of activity center that Aga Khan Foundation built in order to bring the community center together. Last summer’s UF in India group got to see the center being built at the start of the project, and we got to see it when it was pretty much completed!

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