Medical Breakthrough: Pioneering Operation To Treat High Blood Pressure — Coastweek com

Coastweek — Heart specialists at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi have performed first key-hole operation to treat hypertension in the region.

Coastweek — Dr. Mohamed Jeilan, co-Director of Cardiac Services at the HCC, and an Interventional Cardiologist at the Aga Khan University Hospital, led the team of specialists who performed the ground-breaking



“Renal Denervation Therapy is a treatment designed to silence these nerves and in so doing prevent high blood pressure.

“The treatment involves just one puncture incision on the right side of the groin.

“A thin and flexible tube called a catheter is introduced into the blood vessels which supply the kidneys.

“A small wire is passed into the blood vessel and carries enough energy to ‘freeze’ the nerves around the vessel.

“It takes about forty minutes to complete the treatment (twenty minutes for each kidney) and the patient is left with just one tiny scar.

“Research results published in The Lancet have shown that patients who had the procedure saw their blood pressure drop by around 20 per cent with the blood pressure seeming to fall continuously even after two years.

“Renal denervation therapy may be among the most important developments in the care of heart patients in the last fifty years.”

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