Giving Back: AKU MBBS Class of ’88 gifts US$ 500,000 as endowment — AKU Pakistan

The first graduating class of the Aga Khan University’s Medical College, the Class of 1988, has contributed US$ 500,000 for an endowment fund to support education programmes and research at the University in Pakistan.

The endowment will support the activities of medical students, residents, fellows and graduate students at the University, as well as provide an opportunity for non-AKU physicians and other allied health professionals practicing in Pakistan to attend AKU-sponsored non-degree clinical education and training programmes. It will also allow AKU to invest in a variety of research projects.

The generous gift was announced at the class reunion on December 20, 2013. With contributions from more than 80% of its members, the Class of ’88 gift has surpassed the gift of any other class. It is a testimony of their support of the University’s bold vision for the future, to expand into the liberal arts and create seven new graduate schools across two continents.

“The Class of 1988 has set the bar higher than ever before” said Dr Saad Shafqat, Professor of Neurology at AKU and an alumnus from the inaugural class. He appreciated the efforts of Drs Tauqir Goraya, Anita Zaidi and Shahid Shafi who served on the Executive Committee, for motivating their colleagues to contribute to the gift.

AKU President Firoz Rasul thanked the Class for their gift, seeing this as an opportunity for alumni to renew their commitment to the University’s future.

Graduates of 1988 from within and outside Pakistan, attended the ceremony, along with the Faculty of Health sciences staff.

Source: AKU Edu


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