A Christian Artist’s Epic and Noble Journey of Uniting Faiths Continues As He Completes the First 25 Sculptures Depicting Islam’s 99 Names of God —By Andrew Kosorok

By Andrew Kosorok

(Special to Simerg)

Holy (Al-Quddus). Photo: Andrew Kosorok. Copyright.Wellspring of Peace (As-Salam). Photo: Andrew Kosorok. Copyright.Maker of Order (Al-Bari). Photo: Andrew Kosorok. Copyright.

Looking at our neighbors and those around us, it is obvious each of us see the world and view our relationship with the universe and our Creator in different ways. When the tragedy of 9/11 happened and 3000 lives were ended because of the heartless actions of two dozen men, many Westerners were forced to admit we had little understanding of world religions. Populist US media portrayed the faith these two dozen claimed as a twisted religion pushing for the extermination of Americans and the destruction of the West. It was hard to believe that one and a half billion people wanted my family and me to suffer, but that is what we were told.

As a Christian – as an American Christian – I realized I was terrified of Muslims. And when I recognized this it shocked me. Rather than being ruled by my media-induced fear I decided to confront it, and I quickly learned how very misleading fear can be. Mohandas Gandhi said, “I may be many faiths, but before I am any of these I am first and foremost human;” and I recognized that with whatever other gulfs may separate us, being the children of Adam and Eve is one thing all of us share.

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