Video: Peter Mansbridge Interviews The Aga Khan

Published on 28 Feb 2014

This week, we mentioned on the show that The Aga Khan became the first faith leader to address the Canadian Parliament. Shortly after, he sat down with Peter Mansbridge to discuss civil society in the developing world, and his concerns about Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East.

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CBC Interview (3rd), One-on-One (2nd) with Peter Mansbridge (Ottawa, Canada)


Well I think one of them obviously is crisis between the Shia and Sunni communities. I think that crisis is now extending throughout the region, and I mentioned today [in the speech to Parliament], that it’s actually active in nine countries. I mean, if you make a parallel with the Christian world, what would have been the Christian world’s reaction if the Irish crisis had been active in nine countries. (Pause) It would have been a very, very serious issue. That’s what we’re facing today. That crisis is in nine countries and it is likely to expand further. (Emphasis original)

Interviewer: Peter Mansbridge

Peter Mansbridge: Welcome again, to Canada, Your Highness.

His Highness the Aga Khan: Thank you very much.

PM: This place [the Ismaili Centre in Toronto], it’s going to be wonderful. It’s quite spectacular to look at. What do you hope will be accomplished inside these walls?

AK: Well these are fairly unique buildings around the world. They are meant to be ambassadorial buildings, that is, they seek to express not only what the community is today but what it aspires to be. So they’re buildings that try to look towards the future. They are also buildings that try to articulate external relations so that people can come into these buildings … we can have events here with non-Ismailis. So these buildings are built with a special purpose. They’re not just places of faith, places of prayer.

PM: There’s six Ismaili Centres around the world now.

AK: Yes, yes.


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