Rahman Jamal (National Instruments) on top trends from cyber-physical systems to Big Analog Data™


National Instruments released the NI Trend Watch 2014, which summarizes the latest technology trends to help engineers meet evolving demands and integrate the ever-increasing power of technology into their work. It covers trends in areas such as

  • Cyber-Physical Systems: Developing systems that continuously and dynamically interact with their environment through the coupling of distributed computational and physical components

  • Big Analog Data™ Solutions: Connecting IT infrastructures and analytic tools, such as the cloud, with data acquisition systems to make faster decisions on test data

  • RF/Wireless: Revolutionizing the wireless industry by integrating a range of technologies from software defined radio into RF test equipment

  • Models of Computation: Integrating multiple programming approaches into a single environment to simplify complex distributed and real-time applications

  • Mobile Communication: Using mobile devices as user interfaces in measurement and control systems

  • STEM Education: Preparing students with cross-disciplinary approaches to engineering

Links to more information:

Source: http://embedded-news.tv/all-videos/article/1-all-videos/547


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Dr. Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli, Rahman Jamal and Dr. James Truchard

Dr. Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli, Rahman Jamal and Dr. James Truchard


Ranga Yogeshwar and Rahman Jamal on “Wissen Live”

Rahman and Ranga


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