Carter Center Marks Progress in Fight Against Guinea Worm, River Blindness



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Kane Farabaugh

April 04, 2014

CHICAGO — Guinea worm disease and river blindness are among 17 tropical diseases the World Health Organization considers neglected. Thanks to the efforts of the Atlanta-based Carter Center — founded by former president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn — focused treatment and prevention are leading to the elimination of one, and the extinction of another.

When Carter and the Carter Center staff started working to eradicate Guinea Worm disease in 1986, it was found in 21 countries in Africa and Asia.

“We had three-and-a-half million cases of guinea worm, and village by village we have done away with it. Last year, we only had 146 cases in the whole world,” he said.

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Dr Aisha Sethi, Aga Khan University alumna, MBBS Class of ’99, and Assistant Professor, University of Chicago Medical Center, is quoted in a story on the Voice of America



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The staff of Asclepius, an ancient symbol of medicine, is believed to be inspired by Guinea worm disease.



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