Surfing to success in the weird city — Professional Engineering article on National Instruments mentioning two long-serving European executives Francis Griffiths and Rahman Jamal

National Instruments prides itself on being a bit different, fostering its own ethos that even includes having a 100-year business plan

Universal knowledge: NI’s equipment and software is crucial to the success of the research at Cern


“The 100-year plan is crucial to our core values,” says Francis Griffiths, the University of Wales electrical engineering graduate who joined NI in 1989 and has risen to the position of senior vice-president of regional sales and marketing. “It provides us with a philosophy in terms of our culture, who we are, and what we want to achieve. Dr James Truchard and Jeff Kodosky have both led the development of the 100-year plan. It has served us well.”


“We often sit one step behind the applications, but making them possible,” says Rahman Jamal, technical and marketing director Europe, another long-serving executive who has two decades’ experience with the company. “Some of those applications deal with existential matters that have far-reaching consequences. The large hadron collider at Cern, for instance – that will answer searching questions about our place in the universe. And those answers will be supplied using our scientific tools.”


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Rahman Jamal, Technical and Marketing Director for Europe, National Instruments



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