Fes,Morocco: 20th Fes Festival from 13 to 21 June 2014 with musician and artists from seven continent, this year theme- ‘Conference of the Birds, Journey of Cultures’

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About Fes Music Festival

Morocco is one of the prime tourist destinations in the world and the charm of this country is only enhanced by its multicultural and unique atmosphere. Morocco has something for all kinds of travelers whether a person is looking for an adventure, a spiritual journey or a relaxing holiday; Morocco has it all.

FesMusicFestival.com was created by Sahara Soul Travel and the website provides tours and travel arrangement in Fez Morocco at affordable prices with all the facilities for a memorable vacation. Fez is one of the best Moroccan cities and the must visit place for any tourist who wants to experience the true charm of Morocco. Fez is famous for its musical heritage and the annual Fez Music Festival that brings tourists from all over the world to this beautiful country.

At FesMusicFestival.com, we provide all kinds of travel arrangement for travelers visiting the city of Fez. Along with Fez accommodations in some of the best hotels in Fez Morocco, we also provide trips from Fez to nearby cities. Visitors can also hire tour guides who are proficient in a number of languages and ensure that the visitors have the best time at Fez Music Festival. The Fez Music Festival is attended by artists from all over the world who perform devotional music from their countries. The Fez Music Festival is a ten day event and it bring together musicians from countries like France, Egypt, India, Pakistan at a common platform to create a magical atmosphere of musical and religious harmony.

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Press Release by Fes Festival com

Now 20 years old!

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, with HM King Mohammed VI as patron, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with the theme Conference of the Birds: Journey of Cultures. It has been twenty years of a musical, spiritual and artistic journey exploring the cultures and traditions of the world, revealed in ever greater depth through concerts, exhibitions, film screenings and debates.

Just as the last twenty  years have been rich in artistic expression and intercultural encounters, the Spirit of Fes Foundation invites you to experience exceptional music this year, throughout the week of 13 to 21 June.

The seven continents are represented by superb artists, grand masters renowned for their art: from Europe, one of the greatest tenors of our time, Roberto Alagna, presents a show created specially for the Festival; in addition toTomatito, who works with Paco de Lucia at the top of his field of flamenco guitar. Representing Africa is an encounter between Youssou N’dour and Johnny Clegg in a tribute to Nelson Mandela; along with Rokia Traoré. From Asia is the prestigious Arab singer Kadim Al Sahir and Zakir Hussain, the most celebrated Indian tabla musician.  Morocco is represented by a number of artists during the opening concert and also in an Arab-Jewish-Andalusian evening showcasing the greatest Moroccan artists both Muslim and Jewish, presenting their magnificently rich cultural heritage. Luzmila Carpio from Bolivia represents South America, and Buddy Guy from North America, the great legend of Chicago blues who will be visiting Morocco for the first time with his ensemble, presenting the mythical music of this Afro-American culture.

China, Palestine, Ireland, Hungary, Mauritania and many other countries and cultures will be with us during afternoons at the Batha Museum, evenings at Bab al Makina, the Nights in the Medina, and, of course, the Sufi Nights at Dar Tazi. The Forum Giving Soul to Globalisation will take place during the first five mornings of the Festival week at the Batha Museum. The Forum’s theme this year is Our era of transition and challenge: culture and identity and the subjects for debate are

Mandela’s spiritual legacies: Lessons for our era/ Social harmony in plural, multicultural societies: what have we learned?/ Morocco: managing and savoring diversity – an ideal, a model, a challenge/ What would Mandela counsel today to achieve peace in the Middle East?/ New ethical and spiritual challenges for modern capitalism

The whole city vibrates to the rhythm of the Festival, with plenty of popular events free to all: Festival in the City concerts at Boujloud Square, children’s activities, programmes for the youth, exhibitions, film screenings and living itineraries.


Sacred Music

Festival in the city


Festival Fringe

Medina Night

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Watch here Two videos

Fès rend hommage à Omar Khayyam ادای احترامی به حکیم عمر خیام


Veröffentlicht am 17.02.2013

Festival de Fès des Musiques Sacrées 2012
Mise en scène par Tony Gatlif, devenu maître dans l’art de capter dans ses films l’émotion des musiques tsiganes, orientales ou soufies, l’œuvre du grand poète Omar Khayyâm symbolise ce réenchantement du monde, thème de l’édition 2012 du Festival des musiques sacrées de Fès.

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Ehsan Tavakkol Ehsan Tavakkol




Présentation du Festival de Fès des Musiques Sacrées du Monde de 2001 à 2004


Veröffentlicht am 18.12.2013

Co-édition Mondomix et LGM en partenariat avec le Festival des Musiques Sacrées du Monde


Fes Festi Fes Festi·



Article on Huffington Post  com:

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music Is A Transcendent Experience (PHOTOS)


  • The Bab Makina stage sits in front of a Moorish arch. Lighting designers enjoy devising subtle colour changes that enhance both architecture and mood. Here the late, great sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar plays exquisite ragas with his formidably talented daughter Anoushka.


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