Southern Sudan to Take Part in Fiba Zone 5 Set for Mombasa County in August — Basketball in Africa Blogspot de

WAR-ravaged South Sudan are among eight countries who have confirmed participation in the forthcoming FIBA Zone 5 basketball championship set for next month in Mombasa.

Coast Basketball Association (CBA) have already finalised the arrangement in conjunction with the Kenya Basketball Federation. CBA chairman Ali Hilmy said the regional event set for August 25-31, will be held at Aga Khan Academy and Kenya Ports Authority’s Makande gymnasium.

“A total of 23 teams are expected to battle it out for the coveted tittle in both men and women’s categories,” said Hilmy.

Hosts Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar, and Tanzania will be represented by four teams– two each in both the men and women’s categories while Burudi will have three teams–two men’s and one women. Southern Sudan will have two teams (men and women) same as Rwanda.


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South Sudanese reach for bright future in basketball — Radio Tamazuj org

JUBA (20 May.)

As the world’s newest nation, South Sudan is yet to join the International Basketball Federation, but it boasts a growing pool of sporting talent nonetheless, according to interviews with coaches and players in the Juba, the national capital.

Many of its players come from the diaspora community, having returned from countries all over the world where some lived as refugees during the second Sudanese civil war.

South Sudan’s national team has already competed in various competitions across East Africa where their reputation for talented players precedes them, claims coach Longar Maror Reech.

“We really have good players and if we were given the freedom as coach to select players… who will represent us in matches, it will bring good results,” he adds.

Within the country’s capital, Juba, nine teams currently compete, supported by a variety of private sector companies or volunteer coaches.  However, a lack of reliable support or access to individual courts means that only four of these – Citizen, Black Star Malakia, Munuki and Gudele – are fully active in practicing and competitions, according to Reech.


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