Books: “Embracing Israel/Palestine” — by Rabbi Michael Lerner


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Rabbi Michael Lerner, best-selling author of The Left Hand of God and editor of Tikkun magazine, is now making the case for why peace activists must be BOTH pro-Israel and pro-Palestine.

Rabbi Lerner first tells the story of this struggle from 1880 to 2011, but in a way that shows how both sides have a legitimate narrative and have been unnecessarily cruel and insensitive to the other side. He goes on to challenge the current notion that the key to peace is to get the parties to once again sit and negotiate (as they did in the Oslo Accords).

Instead, he argues that a fundamental transformation in consciousness is needed for any political compromise to work. He shows how we in the West can help shape a global transformation in consciousness (and changes in foreign and domestic policies) that are needed to provide the security, justice, and mutual compassion necessary for a lasting peace.


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