Thematic charts with excerpts of His Highness the Aga Khan’s speeches — Contributed by Mohib Ebrahim on NanoWisdoms org

By Mohib Ebrahim

Refresh your minds with marvels of wisdom because minds too get tired as your bodies do. — Hazrat Ali

These attractively-formatted thematic charts provide selected quotes from several speeches and interviews for easy-to-digest, one page synopses of some the Aga Khan’s key insights and advices, theme by theme, making them ideal teaching aids, seminar handouts, general references or as informative posters on jamatkhana notice boards. Please see here for suggestions on how you can increase awareness of the thematic charts among your jamats.

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Also available, organized by theme, are our ever growing collection of extended and short quotes.

All published thematic charts aggregated into one PDF

Be sure to re-download the aggregate PDF file as it is updated when new thematic charts are published. Individual charts may be viewed or downloaded below.

Please click to download all published charts.

View and read all on NanoWisdoms org


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