Preserving heritage: WCLA gets Rs770 million for Royal Trail restoration — Tribune com article on further restoration of Lahore’s wall city

“The specific objective of the pilot project is planning overall restoration and renovation. This shall showcase the nature of interventions required in the entire Walled City,” said Lashari. PHOTO: MUHAMMAD IQBAL/EXPRESS

LAHORE: The Punjab government on Monday provided Rs770 million to the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) to restore buildings located on the Royal Trail.

The area includes Kotwali to Masti Gate through Chuna Mandi Chowk and Moti Bazaar and Purani Kotwali Chowk to Sonehri Mosque via Dabbi Bazaar.

The funds were approved by the Planning and Development Department chairman.

Rs667 million has been provided for infrastructure development and Rs103 million for facade improvement.

Talking to The Express Tribune, WCLA Director Marketing and Tourism Asif Zaheer said that 705 buildings would be restored using the funds. “The street and facade lengths involved are 3,057 metres and 6,114 metres respectively,” he said.

He said that the work would be carried out with technical assistance from Aga Khan Trust for Culture.


Read full on Tribune com Pakistan



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