More than 35 organizations from 19 countries launch Global Net Neutrality Coalition — AccessNow org

Anyone who thinks that net neutrality is a boring technical issue for computer geeks needs to look

Anyone who thinks that net neutrality is a boring technical issue for computer geeks needs to look outside the U.S. Netizens around the world aren’t fooled by the confusing misdirection of industry lobbyists—they’re championing the cause of an open internet by pushing for laws and policies that protect the features that made the internet what it is today. And they are just as fired up as President Obama himself was just this month, when he gave his full support for the open net. Net neutrality is not an American issue, or a European issue, or an African issue. It is increasingly a global human rights issue.

Today, more than 35 organizations from around the world and 19 countries launched, a website that will serve as a resource for policy makers and a staging point for international activism. Organizations from South Korea, Venezuela, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Germany, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Chile, Bangladesh, Colombia, and the Netherlands provided their support and it has already been translated into 11 languages. (Yes, net neutrality matters just as much in Korean as it does in English.)

You can read more about the coalition in this press release here [PDF].


Below are some quotes from the diverse array of coalition members. We’ll write with more updates soon.

Marianne Diaz Hernandez, director of Acceso Libre (Venezuela), said:
“ is a great resource for us to show how important net neutrality is for the preservation of freedom of speech, access to information, and knowledge all over the world. In Venezuela, the protection of net neutrality is essential for the preservation of civil rights and democracy.”

Niels ten Oever, Head of Digital of Article 19, said:
“Protecting the plurality and diversity of information is fundamental to securing the right to freedom of expression for all. Unfortunately, they are under threat by moves to end “net neutrality” – the principle that those controlling the internet infrastructure should not interfere or discriminate between the types of data that travel along it.”

Floris Kreiken, Human Rights Officer at Bits of Freedom (Netherlands), said:
“Now we have a resource for the world to discover and for policy makers to know that net neutrality matters so that they can make informed decisions about the future of the internet.”


Read more on AccessNow org


Video:  Internet Citizens: Defend Net Neutrality

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CGP Grey

Published on 5 May 2014

Tell the FCC to reclassify broadband internet as a title II common carrier telecommunications service:
Discuss this video:…



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