Our “How I See Change” campaign shared personalized stories from seven change makers — Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A.

Seeing Change in Education – from Central Asia to East Africa|Seeing Change in Women’s Empowerment – from West Africa to Afghanistan


Aga Khan Foundation is Committed to Improving Lives

Throughout November, in the month leading to Giving Tuesday, we’ll be telling the story of “How I See Change.” We are highlighting stories of amazing results done by 7 people working in the Aga Khan Development Network. As they share their stories, you will come to realize how lasting, positive change happens in some of the poorest areas of our planet.
Our storytellers – real people working in remote and challenging places – will inspire you as they reveal their experience to create better schools, improve health and nutrition, ensure community safety, and promote women’s enterprises. Meet:

Burulai Aitikulova, an educator from the Kyrgyz Republic in Central Asia. She saw a new way to engage young children and their families in storytelling, even far from schools. Her idea took off and influenced national policy and programs in 10 countries.

Giving Tuesday, Krygyz child in a classroom designed by Aga Khan Foundation's Reading for Children program

A local child enjoys playing in a yurt kindergarten in the mountainous Naryn province near the Chinese border.

Zainab Dhanani, an Education Program Associate from the Aga Khan Foundation, East Africa. She sees change as she visits schools across East Africa, impressed by the teachers’ enthusiasm and the students’ joy in learning.

Giving Tuesday, a Reading to Learn trained teacher in a classroom in Kenya, supported by the Aga Khan Foundation

Fatima Akbary, a young Afghan social mobilizer, who helps communities reduce their risk to natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. She sees change in women’s self-reliance, both in her family and her own ability to be a leader.

Giving Tuesday, disaster risk reduction class being taught through a program supported by Focus Humanitarian Assistance, Aga Khan Foundation USA, and the US Agency for International Development

Schafer Bomstein, a program officer with the Aga Khan Foundation in Mali, who sees change in the self-reliance villagers are able to build by coming together through shared savings groups.

Giving Tuesday, a farmers collective meets with the Aga Khan Foundation to discuss the USDA Food for Progress program in Mopti, Mali

Schafer Bomstein meets with a group of farmers in Mopti, Mali.

Asel Baidyldaeva, a social entrepreneur in the Kyrgyz Republic who was able to realize her dream of opening a fitness center in her community. She sees change in fulfilling her mission to improve community wellness through fitness and health education.

Giving Tuesday, Asel Baidyldaeva from the Kyrgyz Republic recieves her social entreprenuership award from the University of Central Asia, the Coca-Cola Foundation, and the Aga Khan Foundation USA

Asel Baidyldaeva receiving her award.

Maryum Omari, a regional coordinator with the Aga Khan Foundation in Afghanistan. When asked how she sees, Maryum shared this she shared the story of a remarkable woman named Mawjee, who overcame immense challenges to build a successful business and become a community leader.

Aga Khan Foundation and Giving Tuesday, despite the challenges facing women, especially widows, in Afghanistan, Mawjee now runs her own successful embroidery store

Mawjee on the job, showing some of the products from her embroidery business.

Simplice Amani, an operations manager with Première Agence de Microfinance (a microfinance bank) in Ivory Coast. Simplice sees change in the happiness of microfinance clients.




How do you see change? Aga Khan Foundation USA and Giving Tuesday

What Are YOU Doing on Giving Tuesday?

Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? It’s a growing international movement to inspire personal philanthropy and service. Over 10,000 nonprofits participated last year, and Aga Khan Foundation was one of them. Giving Tuesday is all about giving back. It comes around the holiday season as you celebrate the joy of giving.
The retail industry has long benefited from “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.” Giving Tuesday opens up an opportunity for you to give to others who don’t have the benefit of shopping at holiday time.

Your participation in Giving Tuesday can help change lives for the better by investing in people who are committed to making change happen. This year, we’re aiming to raise $20,000 by December 2 to improve the quality of life for those most in need in Africa and Asia.


Read more on: http://www.partnershipsinaction.org/givingtuesday?msource=NLEM1411



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