Samina Baig, Pakistan’s first female Mount Everest conqueror of Gilgit-Baltistan received ‘Pride of Performance Award’ on Pakistan Day

Samina Baig received award

Samina says on her Facebook:

Shukr Alhamdullilah!!! Very Much blessed!! I am very thankful To Almighty Allah for this amazing moment,my Family, My brother and the people who prayed.. i am very much thankful to our Kiwi friends,those who sponsored Me and my brother for Mt.Everest & Beyond as well. i want to say My Sincere, Profound thank you to Joy Deerness,Jennifer Kent,Arthur Smith and for their unmatched financial support and trust in me and my brother, without their financial support i would haven’t reached to the top of Mt.Everest ,being first Pakistani woman and hoist Our Flag (Pakistani flag) on top of Mt.Everest on its 60th Anniversary !

I want to say My extreme respect to my brother who has been a very genuine women empowerment activist after supporting “Gender Equality, he then proved Women empowerment by stepping back few hundred meter short from the summit of Mt.Everest allowing me to reach to the top on my own!! i want to say my big thank you to My very Nepali brother (Lakpanuru Sherpa) for his brotherly support and climbing with me to the summit of Mt.Everest, his support was matchless, i also want to say my gratitude to my Nepali brother (Norbu sherpa) for his company, i awe my great love to my Indian friends,Tashi & Nungshi, Sanju and Satiya sir, i feel honoured to call and thank you to Seven summits treks for the wonderful logistics, (Minga Dai,Tashi Dai,Dawa Dai,Nawa Dai,) i want to say my Big thank you all those unknown supports, if i missed someone i feel sorry… I i also want to say this we have the great honour to continue the legacy of our brave uncles.Sub.(r) Yousaf Khan ,Hv.(r) Muhammad Ullah both of them received Tamgha e Basalat for their gallant service to Pakistan as well ! I dedicate this Award to my brother/ family, to My kiwi friends and to the brave women of Pakistan! i believe and sure each women has amazing strength and courage. please encourage them!!

note: this award was conferred on me for being first Pakistani woman successfully summiting Mt.Everest! this award is not for Seven summits! my thank you to Government of Gilgit-Baltistan for nominating me, thank you President for recognising my Achievement! hope well deserved youth will get the recognition as well!

Photo source.Pamirtimes



Three people from Gilgit-Baltistan honored with awards on Pakistan Day — Pamir Times Net

Islamabad: The President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan conferred awards on three people belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan during the Pakistan Day celebrations. Among the awardees were Samina Baig, Deedar Ali and Mir Nawaz (Jr.).


Deedar Ali, a master artisan, received his Pride of Performance Award from Governor Barjees Tahir in Gilgit. Renowned skier Mir Nawaz (Jr.) also received his Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in Gilgit from the governor.

Samina Baig, who has acclaimed global fame for her mountaineering prowess, received the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance at Aiwan-e-Sadar, Islamabad.

It is pertinent to note that Samina and Deedar are from the Hunza Valley, while Mir Nawaz is a resident of Naltar, Gilgit.

Source: Pamir Times Net


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Pakistani mountaineering siblings Samina and Mirza Ali Baig are being backed by a special kind of Adventure Diplomacy Group (ADG)


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