450 KVA Hydro Electric Power House inaugurated at Moorkhun, Gojal |Project partially funded by (PPAF) in collaboration with The Aga Khan Rural Support Program

Source: Pamir Times Net


By Kamran Abuzar

April 04, 2014: After four years of struggle, the community of Mourkhun is finally going to benefit from one of their biggest investments, as the 450 KVA Hydro Electric Power House is now operational. The project partially funded by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) in collaboration with The Aga Khan Rural Support Program, Pakistan was started in 2008 and was completed in 2011. The project was completed in a proportionally small budget, of which PPAF provided PKR 12 million through AKRSP, the rest was contributed by the community of Mourkhun.


The power house was not operational since its completion due to heavy damage caused by floods in 2011. The community of Mourkhun has finally rehabilitated the power house and has successfully test run it. It is currently providing electricity to Mourkhun and Jamal Abad and might soon be extended up to Sost.

The power house is currently generating 350 KVA with a total potential capacity of over 450 KVA. The project is to be officially launched soon but is already operational under the supervision of professional electricians and engineers.






Welcome to Moorkhun Village

Located in the northeast of Gilgit-Baltistan a lovely drive north of the Gilgit city takes you into the pastoral landscapes of Moorkhun, one of the best-preserved ethnographic areas. Located at Hunza Gojal, Which is rich in architecture, history and heritage. Age-old traditions, customs and celebrations, as well as the traditional occupation. Surrounded on four sides by the mountains and a river passes between the village, Moorkhun Village has beautiful and pleasing scenery. There are over 100 villagers living here, and the residents are enthusiastic and earnest besides the beautiful scenery in the village you will truly be able to relax and return to nature.


Moorkhun Village


View more photos on http://moorkhun.webs.com/apps/photos/



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