Sindh by road — by Ijlal Hussainpur on TNS the News com Pakistan|From Agha Hasan Ali Shah, Aga Khan Quaid-i-Azam

Thatta can boast of many places of cultural significance, among them is Jinnah’s so-claimed house in Jhirk

Dabgir Mosque in Thatta.

Dabgir Mosque in Thatta.


“We should go now!” whispered my friend into my ear. I came out of my trance and the world of Thatta 500 years ago. My friends and I were in the Makli Necropolis, an enormous cemetery spread over a 12 square kilometre area on a plateau of the Makli Hill in Thatta. It is one of the largest cemeteries in the world, which according to UNESCO possesses half a million tombs and graves.

The cemetery and its richly decorated monuments have been declared as a World Heritage Site owing to their outstanding value to the history and civilisation of Sindh.


A narrow road along the eastern bank of the Keenjhar Lake leads to Amir Pir, another religious site in Thatta visited by thousands of devotees. A grand festival, commonly known as the Amir Pir Mela, is held here every year in the month of November. The history of origin of the Mela is shrouded in mystery but the locals say Amir Pir is an important site for Ismailis where their imams came to visit the graves of soldiers who laid their lives in a battle defending Agha Hasan Ali Shah, Aga Khan I. His son Agha Ali Shah, Aga Khan II also visited Amir Pir several times and stayed at the hilltop for days in remembrance of the loyal soldiers.


Unlike the Quaid’s birthplace, historians have well documented the migration of Aga Khan I from Iran to Afghanistan and then to Jhirk after the breakout of Afghan War in 1839. We got permission to visit the small house Aga Khan I used as his residence and were delighted to see the historical building was being restored to its original shape in 1843.


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