Whirling dervishes of Kentucky: Why Sufis are popular in America —Forbes India com

The presence of Sufis in the American heartland, a place otherwise dominated by Christian churches and conservative politics, can be explained by the sense of community it offers

Seeking the divine

Seeking the divine: Chris Tate (in the front) and other members turn during an informal ‘sema’



In the living room of one of the neighbourhood’s redbrick Victorian homes, about a dozen people sit on couches beneath framed verses from the Koran. Most of them have their eyes closed, breathing silently. The smell of oud incense wafts in the air. After a few moments, Sheikh Kabir and Sheikha Camille Helminski enter the room, taking their place on two identical chairs draped with white sheepskins.

“We begin in the name of the Source of life,” intones Kabir, lifting his hands in prayer. “Bismillah.”


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