Hope in despondency — By Rahimullah Yusufzai on The News com Pakistan, on killing the peaceful community members by terrorist

In the aftermath of attacks in Karachi, the dominant mood across the country is to go after the militants instead of forgiving and co-opting or holding peace talks with them

Hope in despondency

All it took was one more major terrorist attack to change the upbeat mood in the country to despondency.

Until the May 13 incident in which 46 innocent members of the Ismaili community were mercilessly shot dead in their bus in broad daylight in Karachi’s Safoora Chowrangi, there was growing hope that the security situation was getting better. It was widely believed that the decrease in the number of bomb blasts and suicide bombings during the last year was due to the diminishing strength of the militants.

The statistics backed up the feel-good sentiment that the militants were facing defeat and the scourge of terrorism was on the wane. However, the situation changed following the latest terrorist strike to hit the seemingly ungovernable mega city of Karachi. There are again misgivings whether the terrorists could be decisively defeated in the near future so that Pakistan could move on and become a peaceful and prosperous country. Until then, the aspirations of its long suffering citizens are unlikely to be materialised.


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THE Al Azhar Garden residential complex

THE Al Azhar Garden residential complex whose 45 residents belonging to the Shia Ismaili community were gunned down in a bus near Safoora Goth in Karachi on May 13.—Fahim Siddiqi / White Star


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