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Ibn Taymiyyah denounced Mongols for not following Sharia

Muslims never had the freedom to speak out, even though freedom of speech is one of the greatest values of Islam.   Quran positively asserts on freedom – there is no compulsion, period!

In the 1400 years of our history, we did not get a chance to question anything lest the tyrant deputies of Caliphs (after the first four righteous ones), dictators and Monarchs would make us disappear in a hurry.  Thank God for the western societies, and in particular America and Canada, we have the Allah given freedom to cherish and enjoy  the life and have noting to complain. The Verse from Sura Rahman 55:13 (Y. Ali) perfectly describes our situation, “Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?”  None! We can think, write, speak, and question everything in America, Alhamdu Lillah (Praise the Lord)!


Had God wanted, he would have wiped Satan out, but he chose to keep him and let him tempt humans to go astray, while he gave us guidance to stick to the right path. It was the question of free will and freedom to chose again, it is a God’s gift to humanity.  They should not have wiped the books, they could have stored them in a Library and marked,  “these were the books written by scholars of the past, and should not be equated with Quran. They are flawed.”


Why are those books wrong?

Quran mistranslations: Verse 1:7 reads – God help me walk the right path, and not the path of those who went astray or earned your anger. Now, the people of that time probably asked Ibn Kathir, who were the people that went astray? He was neither resourceful nor his audience had the ability to reason – he said, Christians! And those who earned his anger? He said, Jews! Good lord, that is not only wrong, but sinful to misquote Quran. I gave a full power point presentation of Chapter 1:1- 1:7 at the Parliament of Worlds religions in Melbourne in 2009 to a shocking audience, and that is another full story.

Let’s reason with Ibn Kathir without defending him, he lived from 1300 and 1373 A.D., right after the crusades, and he must have felt that would be the right answer after what the European men did to Muslims in the name of Christianity.  Six hundred years later in the 1920’s Hilali Khan translated Quran, and adopted what  Ibn Kathir wrote, whereas the other two translations from the same decade by Yusuf Ali and Picktall did not.

It was very irresponsible! Indeed,  copy of that translation was freely distributed to millions of Jews, Christians and Hindus, all you had to do was call the toll free number and you get the book. This translation was the source of Islamophobia, and rightfully so, why should a “Muslim God” tell them to hate Jews and Christians? The bad translation created a Muslim God out of a single God for the whole humanity. Thank God, that translation was corrected in 2012, but there are still many verses that need correction (check out for the list of the verses).


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