Suggestions for relief/rehab of Chitral — By Liaquat Khan on Chitral News com

Due to monsoon rains, climate change and unexpected heat that caused glacier melting in the region, whole mountainous Chitral came under heavy flood of boulders and thick mud in July/August 2015 taking quite a number of precious lives, large number of residential houses with all belongings, business centres (stores, petrol pumps, hotels & shops) mosques, farmland with standing crops, orchard of apples and apricots. Infrastructures like drinking water pipelines, roads and bridges, power houses with channels and irrigation channels were largely destroyed and hence people in the district have acute shortage of drinking water, irrigation water and electricity.


As worker of a civil society organization I travelled to some affected villages and found Pak Force, NGOs and the local persons (not directly affected) are firmly standing by affectees providing food, drinking water, clothes and beds to them in their tents. Aga Khan Foundation Focus and Alkhidmat Foundation services are exemplary and highly appreciated.


Suggestions on:

  • Urgent Relief: (…)
  • Medium Term Relief Plan.(…)
  • Long Term Relief Plan. (…)

Read full on Chitral News com


Read also:

FOCUS Pakistan responds to flooding in Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan — AKDN Press Release

Islamabad 04 August 2015 – Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) has been providing relief to villages in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan, which have been affected by devastating floods resulting from monsoon rains and glacial outbursts.

Flash flooding and debris flow have washed away over 100 villages while disrupting access to roads and bridges and causing damage to property, crops, livestock, communication infrastructure and drinking water supply systems. Over 700 trained volunteers from FOCUS Pakistan’s Search and Rescue, Disaster Assessment Response and Community Emergency Response Teams were immediately mobilised to respond to the emergency. The teams have distributed food items and non-food items including tents, blankets, tarpaulin sheets, family hygiene kits and water purification tabs to 600 families in Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The situation is becoming more critical as a number of valleys and villages in Chitral remain inaccessible and continue to be isolated from each other. Major roads remain cut off including Chitral-Booni Mastuj road, Garamchashma-Chitral road, Chitral-Ayun Bumborate road, Booni-Mulkhow and Kosht road and Chitral-Madaklasht road.



Chatral Flood Video 2015

Dir Pakistan

Dir Pakistan

Published 23.07.2015


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